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Mini Happy Doggie Meal

Mini Happy Doggie Meal

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Our Donnie's World Mini Happy Doggie Meal is the perfect size for any pup! The delicious taste of these savory treats will keep your doggo wanting more! 

Contents: Mini Pupper Butter Slider, a mini tray of Sweet Potato Chews, a small box of Chicken Lickken' Jerky.

  • Product Information

    Pupper Slider Ingredients: Oat flour, peanut butter, pure pumpkin, TOP CHEWS Beef and Chicken Patty, frosting, Medley Farms Gourmet Cheese Powder

    Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 12.2% (min), Crude Fat 14.9% (min), Crude Fiber 0.8% (max), Mositure 25.1%

    Sweet Potato Chews Ingredients: sweet potato, flaxseed

    Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 4.4% (min), Crude Fat 1.3% (min), Crude Fiber 4.3% (max), Moisture 26.9%

    Chicken Lickken' Jerky Ingredients: no-hormone antibiotic-free chicken, ground corriander, ground ginger, ground black pepper

    Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 60.8% (min), Crude Fat 5.8% (min), Crude Fiber 0.6% (max), Moisture 32.1%


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